Global Mask Swadeshi

This idea is silly enough to make me come back to posting ... a blog entry ... in July 2020.

Ok, so the name says it: global mask swadeshi. By which we'd mean, what, that people all over the world should be able to make their own masks, right?

Oh, no, not just that. It's also about being able to make the cloth or filters needed to make the masks in the first place.

And being able to test that cloth, those filters, those masks, for filtration capacity and for fit (in the case of a particular mask on a particular face).

So, it's happening in a few days. A number of people will put their brains together to design a machine to make masks. My guess is at some point someone might be able to push it to get it certified somewhere, thereby increasing acceptability.

When I first looked at Ebola and came up with this crazy, silly, maybe even dangerous idea of the Excubator, I totally had to go and write the PandemicOSAT page, and, much later, the More_better_PPE (all of that is at appropedia.org).

In any case, this is happening. The textile mask is already designed. It accepts filters in a pocket. A machine might be designed, made, even work.

We'll see!

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