Cognitive Insufficiency

I know someone who bought a new phone because he didn't notice he could have replaced the old phone's battery.
Actually it's a bit more messy than that because the old phone had other issues which muddled the decision. And the battery was changed, and the replacement was also faulty.

But if you look at the chain of problems, it was a non-working phone because of a faulty battery because he didn't think well because his mind was in other subjects.

We all make expensive mistakes all the time.

And collectively, as a species, we may be approaching, not future shock, but future crash. Or maybe not.

How do you solve this? Meditation, help from conversation, better health in terms of sleep, food, exercise, etc? Flowcharts and thinking tools? Reduce inputs by living simply ("thinning")? Pass?

Today, I pass. But I'm seriously considering meditation and thinning. And a little conversation, but then we overload each other instead of attacking the noise at its source.

Thanks for listening.