Some small changes

I've quit Twitter, at least for some time. A minor eyelid infection did the trick. After 10 days, I find my attention slowly fills up with things I'd half-forgotten.

It feels like lifting the needle of an old record player.

I'm digitising old tapes. Stuff I recorded using guitars when I was half my current age. Hours and hours of crappy sound, repetitions and some not-too-bad stuff. Some i-didn't-know-this-at-all stuff. Stuff I will soon be able to refer to with simple coordinates: t12m34s56 will be tape 12 and a specific moment within that (digitised) tape. After that's ready, I'll be able to access that memory, select some, build on it. And maybe I'll feel free to start new stuff too.

I may also do mindmaps on video. Mini-worldviews and mind-models and landscape-summaries. It's also about making content available. Nothing that will change the world, but I'll put it out there, and maybe become a child again. Maybe.

A cork in the Niagara falls. Such a fine feeling. Relaxed and, who knows, maybe a bit more ready for whatever comes next.

Will I think about emergency permaculture, learn stuff, build with my hands, create some music for the fun of it? Again, maybe.

Nothing big. Not soon, any way.


Understanding for change

This may be dangerous, but not going may be dangerous too, so here I go.

There's understanding systems, and there's changing them.

To understand a system, we'd need to know it's elements and the relationships between them; the levels, flows and delays; the units and numbers and how they relate to units and numbers we know; the feedback loops and the overall mode of behaviour, growth and failure; and maybe other things I don't know about.

To change a system (both to improve and protect it, and to guide it in the direction of becoming something else), we'd need to know its strengths and vulnerabilities; our strengths and vulnerabilities; our allies and counter-allies; and maybe other things I don't know about.

We could crowdsource the understanding part using some sort of wiki: ask the questions, look for the answers, link to the answers, make the pages known for others to double-or-triple check, tag the answers as (non-)checked, etc. If different models exist, then fork the page (maybe keeping most links).

Similarly, once sufficient understanding emerges, we might ant-ize the movement. Possible actions are wikified, each ant decides what's in our power to do, and we do it.

Imagine this for (renewable) energy.

Is this silly?