Why I Give Stuff Away

Why do I prefer to put stuff in the public domain?

4 reasons:
  • It's fun. Creating stuff is fun. I love it. It really gives me a thrill. I surprise myself. It feels good.
  • I couldn't pay a lawyer to defend my fence anyway. That's time and energy taken away from creating, learning, resting, fooling around.
  • I can't be responsible for what you do with what started off as mine and is now yours. I invent with good intentions and you tweak it to make it deadly. I'll do my best not to create things that can be used to do harm, but the intentions is in the user and in the next developer.
  • What we call "mine" wasn't mine to start with. I'm a figment of the imagination, part of the whole enchilada, a finger in the hand.
If you draw it, it's "me, fence, you and above".

See? You can draw it, and make something better of it.

So it's really five reasons. ;-)