Asked about Collapse of Industrial Civilization ...

(I was in a hurry so excuse the conciseness.)

Bumpy slide, or cliff? Everywhere at once, or patchy? So far it's already (for a billion or two humans) bumpy and patchy, and conceivably a big one (severe influenza pandemic, severe sun storm, etc) could turn it into a sudden cliff, or of course cheap solar & permaculture could go big if several things click together.

It's all scenarios, with no certain probabilities (imho). It's our first time as a species, as far as I know. :-?

What to do? 7 years ago, at a flu conference, I heard a World Health Organisation official say he wasn't in the prediction department but in the preparedness department. I was glad to hear it. One less worry! :-)

Any bad enough scenario (BES) will be felt locally. In a BES, your food or your "property" (I hear that word a lot in some places, and I feel it wouldn't mean much in a BES) won't "save" you. If not "save", then what will "help"? (The following is numbered for reference, not for prioritisation.)

1) Skills, knowledge, friends, having something to give to others that they will value so they will keep you alive.

2) Having ways to speed up recovery for all (or at least as many as possible) in a certain area. Think "emergency permaculture": quick and dirty, using climate analogs and helpful databases + applications some are envisioning, maybe allowing for calorie crops in a few months (while you eat what's there), then something better later.

3) Scarcity governability. (I wrote tinyurl.com/fluscim specifically for a BES-flu-pandemic, but could be applied to SG more generally, fwiw.)

4) Luck.

Anything else?

I'm working towards 1 and 2.

3 is still maturing - maybe there's a lot missing and I'd appreciate comments.

2 and 3 could conceivably be combined.

"Explosive" (in a good way) seeds need slow work!