>why do we have a leader?

Interesting question, thanks.

I don't have a leader. I have many leaders. People who are more advanced than I am on several pathways, which is easy. I choose who I follow, and who I stop following.

So, I guess, if you want to have people like me following you, you'd better do good stuff and move forward. Just saying.

Much of that is about the "who", and I guess I'm more interested in the "what".

I contribute to what they [My Leaders ;-)] do because I want to see that work advanced. I'd like to do what I can, part time, to advance X, Y and Z, or actually the parts of it all where I can contribute.

The "why" is usually obvious, but there's also the fun element. More and more, I find both can go together: a strong fun element and a strong contribution element.

If the skin is a bracket, fun is a plus sign that goes inside the bracket, and contribution is a plus sign that goes outside the bracket. Like this: "+)+". So lives with joyless contribution are "-)+", and selfish lives are "+)-".

I try to make my life a "++)++". Often I sense I'm not contributing enough to compensate for the fun I get from contributing, if that makes sense!

Sometimes it's so good it's exhausting, and I must take a nap. And I do, cos you know what? Human timing starts at zero hours (midnight), when you're supposed to be asleep. So I guess sleep is important, and what you do first. ;-)

I contribute using my strengths, not my weaknesses: I translate, bring in stuff from other places, document. I don't have time or land or tools? Not surprising: most things in the world I don't have them! I'm happy to see that others go faster and deeper and better.

And, by the way, I'm not a "we". At least most of the times, unless I choose to, or with my family and close friends. So asking me about a "we" is going to bring up an "I" answer.

Thanks for asking!