Working towards sudden change

Change is accelerating. Not sure about the good change (cheap solar and perfect vaccines) which we'd be happy to welcome. But quite sure about the hurtful kind (disasters) which is already hurting the poor big time.

We, the rich, will remain in denial and/or inaction for as long as we can - i.e., for too long.

That's why I'd try and focus on a few things:
  • Reduce the gap between realisation and effective response. Reduce friction for speedy adoption. With simple tools that use local resources, practical documentation, and open licenses.
  • Create slack. Or at least recognise existing slack.
  • Decouple vital systems from each other. Not everything is equally important. At the very least, do get a crank-charger for the phones of people who repair energy supply.
  • Think about "serious worst-case". Not like a sissy, but like Mercedes Benz engineers think about airbags.

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