Build, Baby, Build

I heard it the other day, a summary or echo of what's already going on in the software & wiki & maker culture.

... build things ...

  • grown exactly one green pepper.
  • helped with translations and documentation.
  • done hexayurt models and shown them to others, which apparently has helped.
  • helped get user groups running.
  • helped others document stuff.
  • connected "people who do stuff" to each other.
  • thought a lot and shared that with others, if that counts, which probably doesn't sensu stricto.
  • (making music is out, unless it's heard - and it isn't.)
I want to do much more. Ok, a bit more as time allows. Maybe some tiny bit of all this:
  • set up my video production chain, and do some, erm, educational videos. People being able to learn to do important stuff quickly is important. Think medieval monasteries, for useful books, and with zero friction.
  • keep helping the hexayurt and the opensourceecology folks with what they're doing. Again, know-how.
  • set up a wiki in Spanish for various stuff. I'll need geeky help with that.
So, for me, it really looks like it's mostly "document, baby, document" and "explain, baby, explain".


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