Life Years

Talking with a friend I've just had a terrible insight.
I told him how human lives can be drawn as parallel lines from 0 to 100 years, and how some lives are shorter than others.

Now, I think poverty's 20M yearly genocide [each year 60M die of all causes, 20M of them from poverty] is on the young.
Lots of unfilled lines.
Maybe more than the "supposed third" that 20M/60M gives us.
How much more? What if it's 50% (or whatever) of human life that's lost to poverty?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Years_of_potential_life_lost gives the concept, but not much data.
http://www.who.int/whosis/indicators/compendium/2008/1llr/en/index.html doesn't seem to give better information than the wikipedia.
The dust-storm doesn't let us see the dust-storm.

I might have to ask Hans Rosling to look into that.
Maybe there's some nice flowing bubbles. Uncertain fuzzy-edged bubbles, but bubbles.

We then need to look at the figures about the ecocide,
collate the technical howto pages (wikipedia, appropedia) for how to solve both *cides at the same time,
give some guidelines and,
on the nth day, take a nap.

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