Contagion across the barricade

I first came across this concept in a book called "The chalice and the blade".

Apparently, cities in Greece were peaceful, but when one attacked the other then the other responded, first peacefully, then with force.

So there's many among us, and many inside each of us, and we all have a sleeping warrior within, waiting to raise his warrior head if the environment awakens him.

Yet, there's also an observer within us. One that, just guessing because I'm not a practitioner in meditation, comes up strongest, and calmest, and most powerful, when we meditate.

If that observer calls warrior-ness a disease, then that disease can be communicated without physical contact, without germs or vectors, across the barricade.

And a disease it is, because warrior-ness kills more than it heals. It makes room for new stuff, but so does creation of new stuff to make old stuff obsolete.

Creation of new stuff doesn't have the secondary effects, the sequels, the damage of war and killing.

I'm finally reminded of the conversation between two men in what's now called America - in the land where maybe someone will say, in the future, "America was here".

The conversation was about a dream the younger man had had. In the dream there were a dark wolf and a shiny wolf. "Who will win" was the question. The answer was: "the one you feed".

Let's feed our better wolf, and let's win by obsoleting war.

This inner fight is harder than war, for those who need the adrenaline.

Just saying.

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